While many are already getting ready for pumpkin spice season, we’ll be holding tight onto summer until the last acceptable day for shorts. For some, the hottest months are just getting started, which means beach getaways, late night bonfires and endless outdoor activities. Not to mention the summer fruit harvest, which is at its most affordable and bountiful these last couple of months.

One great way to capture (and taste) the end of summer is with a homemade popsicle. Not only can you customize it with your favorite flavors, making your own popsicle is surprisingly easy. With just a store bought mold and some popsicle sticks, you’re only a few hours away from this classic summer snack. While you may need some patience waiting for each recipe to fully freeze (we recommend a minimum of four hours), pass the time in the cool A/C with a favorite book and our bestselling glasses. We’ve rounded up eight of our favorite, most unique homemade popsicle recipes that are both easy to make and perfect for the last days of summer!


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