By Meredith Marmurek 

What Are Anti-Reflective Glasses? 

Anti-reflective glasses have lenses with anti-reflective (AR) coating, also sometimes called “anti-glare coating.” This coating helps cut down on the amount of light that reflects off the surface of the lenses. AR coating is designed to let up to 99.5% of available light pass through your eyeglasses lenses and reach your eyes.  

By increasing light transmission and reducing distracting reflections, AR coating may help you see better, especially in low-light environments.* 

AR coating is transparent and does not affect your ability to see through your lenses. It may have a very light blue or green tint that is too faint to notice while wearing your glasses. 

Benefits of Anti-Reflective Glasses for Zoom Meetings 

Have you ever found yourself squinting at your screen during a Zoom meeting? If the answer is yes, reading glasses with AR coating may help. Here are some ways these glasses can improve your next video call: 

  • You’ll look better – When your glasses reflect light, it’s hard for people to see your eyes. Reducing reflections makes your eyeglass lenses more transparent. This can be especially important during video calls, where maintaining eye contact is key for effective communication. 
  • Your eyes may feel more comfortable – Readers with AR-coated lenses help reduce bothersome screen reflections and provide magnification so you don’t feel as much need to squint.  
  • You can see more clearly – Anti-reflective coating improves your visual clarity by reducing reflections. This means your digital screen may seem sharper when you wear readers with AR lenses. .  

Blue Light Readers 

We also offer AR readers with blue-violet light filtering technology. These blue light readers filter at least 30% of blue-violet light** emitted primarily from the sun and also artificial sources like your smartphone, tablet, and computer screen.  

Best Anti-Reflective Reading Glasses 

The best pair of anti-reflective reading glasses for you will feel comfortable and fit your personal style to a T. Here are some of our most popular Foster Grant readers with AR lenses: 

  • The Camden Multi Focus Reader – With three different strengths in each lens, the Camden is considered a Multi Focus™ reader. It allows you to see things clearly up close, at arm’s length (like Zoom meetings), and a bit farther away. The rectangle frame shape looks great on men and women.  
  • The Max – This classic square frame has a retro two-tone color-fade pattern. The Max features fully magnified, scratch-resistant eyeglass lenses with a dual-sided anti-reflective coating.  
  • The Jasper Blue Light Reader – Look fashionable in your next Zoom meeting with this hybrid plastic and metal round frame. The Jasper’s fully magnified lenses also help filter blue-violet light. ** 
  • The Tanya Blue Light Reader – This timeless cat-eye has fully magnified, blue-violet light filtering lenses.** The comfortable frames come in shades of pink and blue if you like a more colorful look.  
  • The Adrian Blue Light Reader – This popular blue light reader combines a stylish browline frame with fully magnified, blue-violet light filtering lenses.** The AR coating also helps reduce reflections.* 

If you want to make your Zoom meetings more enjoyable, consider a pair of anti-reflective reading glasses. These glasses reduce reflections, improve your near vision for reading, and contribute to your overall visual comfort. Shop our wide variety of reading glasses now to find your perfect pair. 


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NOTE: Any mentions of Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (Zoom) have been provided for informational purposes only. The inclusion of a particular entity does not constitute an endorsement or approval of EssilorLuxottica products, services, or opinions by such entity.  

*Anti-reflective coating minimizes reflections of light from streetlights and oncoming headlights on the back side of the lenses, helping you see better when driving at night. 

**Filters at least 30% of blue-violet light. The percentage refers to the average amount of blue-violet light (between 400-455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018) filtered as measured in 5nm increments. Covered by U.S. Pat. No. 8,360,574. Other U.S. and foreign patents pending. 

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