There’s something magical about reading a good book in the summertime. And the only thing better than an excellent read is adding a peaceful ambiance to help you lose yourself in the story.

While you may have seen indoor reading nooks created in small spaces under the stairs or in closets, this summer, we’re infatuated with the outdoor versions, too.

From permanent structures to temporary escapes, backyard nooks are the new home must-have! Below are 8 great examples of summer reading nooks done right:

1. The Shed Nook

This wooden nook by Daily Mirror is conducive to some good reading! You can turn your backyard shed into a cozy lounge with a few quick fixes.

2. The Hammock Nook

Ready to curl up with your favorite author? We’re loving Rachel Denbow’s DIY creation. Add your own personal touch with colorful pillows or a throw blanket.

3. The Tent Nook

A reading nook doesn’t have to be a permanent structure! Create something simple for the day by hanging a flowing sheet from a tree and situating some pillows and cushions on the ground, similar to this one from Apartment Therapy.

4. The Pool Nook

Sigh. We could surely fall asleep reading a book and listening to the lull of the water in this outdoor space! Visit Southern Living for tips on how to add the finishing touches to your poolside escape.

5. The Garden Nook

Do you love to garden? Then definitely take a break from the real world and relax among your blooms and berries in this nook by Apartment Therapy. You can get lost in your tale while surrounded by greenery and the smell of flowers or ripe produce.

6. The Swinging Nook

Live on a lake? This amazing reading nook is less of a nook and more of a swing. Can you imagine swaying in the breeze while reading a best seller? Paradise. Check it out here.

7. The Lounging Nook

House to Home brings us another great example of a temporary reading nook that’s perfect for relaxing in the shade. The dreamy white creates an ambiance that is perfect for a romantic novel or science fiction love story.

8. The Rustic Nook

This small shelter, spotted by Simon Griffiths, is ideal for reading in the summer, with plenty of shade, airflow, and light for after dusk, when you just can’t put your book down. This can also act as an outdoor sitting area or a space for entertaining guests.

Which reading nook is just right for you?

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