Yes, the 80’s are back–but only partly. This does not mean that you should run to rat your hair, grow your mullet back out, or jam to Def Leopard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me. Please, for the sake of all humanity don’t do that. However, you can wear a little neon…

Yes, I hereby give you permission to wear the adorable, bright colors. They’re back! You have seen them everywhere from t-shirts and tights to hats and sweaters. And now, you can get neon reading glasses!

The Sophie

The Sophie, is a fun pair of reading glasses that is sure to catch everyone’s eye. Available in five different colors: Coral, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange, makes for the Sophie to be our favorite new arrival. Even better, these readers are just as chic as they are fun throughout every season!

Besides the awesome, neon colors, this reader features plastic, lightweight frames with spring temples for maximum comfort. So jump over the legwarmers and boomboxes, and grab a pair of the Sophie Reader.