While we begin the biggest sporting competition in the world, we thought these America-inspired reading glasses could come in handy — you know, to wear while you’re keeping up on all of the latest buzz! Between watching live on primetime TV to following the latest on Twitter, you’ll look perfectly patriotic.

Go Red

The Bishop


The Bishop >

The Paulina


The Paulina >

The Lucille

The Lucille >

(These are perfect for Valentine’s Day, too!)


Go White

The Kent

The Kent >

The Arlene

The Arlene >


The Nashville

The Nashville >


Go Blue

The Daytona

The Daytona >

The Anabelle

The Annabelle >

The Brookside

The Brookside >

Go Red, White, and Blue

The Americana

The Americana >

Act quick! There are only three pairs left in The Americana, all in +3.25. No worries, we’ll have tons more in time for summer!