As we welcome fall, we are also welcoming the things that come with the chilly and beautiful weather: new fashion trends, apple cider, pumpkin patches, fireplaces, and cozy blankets. There are a lot of things to say when it comes to fall, but the biggest is the new trends that are happening at this very moment.

At, we heavily research behind-the-scenes on what is said to be popular in the near future and we’ve shared some of the most popular trends this year below. We believe that you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

The Power of Red
While some of you have loved the color red for years, it is officially the color of fall for 2017.  Whether you prefer round or square glasses, we have a lot to offer. Take for instance The Melody. Not only is this frame apart of our new arrivals, but it makes a statement on the scene as you’re getting the classic tortoise with a hint of red. Maybe you are just looking for something that is a little more classic. In that case, frames like The Mint or The Tilly will be right up your ally.


Vintage Inspired
It’s nothing new that the vintage look is always present. From thrift shop coats or even bellbottoms that you remember wearing in the 70s, everyone is wanting to dress like Cher and Cyndi Lauper. Don’t let the vintage movement limit you only to clothing, though. If you’re feeling inspired, try glasses like The Fern, The Paulina, or The Eclair. All styles will make you feel as though you belong in a different decade with a twist.

Fall/Winter Florals
Women, we’re talking to you. One of the biggest trends this season are all of the patterns including: bright and bold florals. Even if you’re not a gardener but love this trend, we offer subtle and bold frames that you’ll enjoy. Glasses like  The Nala, The Bouquet, or The Buttercup are a perfect introduction to this trend and with the wide array of shapes, we guarantee you can find something to fit your face.

Chocolate for Your Face
Not only is red a popular color this fall, but the neutrals are also making a statement. While you may not be new to wearing brown and neutral colors, chocolate items have been listed as yet another color to watch out for this fall.While tortoise is a popular frame color for glasses, we want to remind you that you can get different varieties of chocolate brown and tortoise. Coming in as one of our best sellers, The Dean is a versatile and classic pair of reading glasses that is great for just about everyone in the family. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not try The Franco or The Garland? Providing some pattern with a striped and marbled look, these two glasses are a perfect fall accessory.


Mixed Metals
Last, but definitely not least, mixed metals pop up quite frequently when it comes to popular pieces that everyone seems to love. Whether you prefer gold or silver, there are accessories (and yes even clothes) that can feed into your personal taste. Not limited to the ones we recommend, as we have multiple reading glasses in all colors, but some of our favorites include: The Sonoma, The Opal, and The Teddy. All pairs are classic, yet sophisticated enough that you can wear while reading a book or even reading the price tag to a pair of shoes that will match your glasses.

Even if you didn’t find your perfect pair in this post, we have hundreds of other reading glasses that we know will fit your style. Visit our site to see everything we have to offer and enjoy all of the goodness that fall brings to you this year!