10 Essential Uses for Readers

If you already wear reading glasses, chances are you know how essential readers are in your everyday life. Think about all the different instances throughout the day you put a pair of reading glasses up to your eyes — it’s probably pretty frequent!

This month, we’re celebrating readers in our lives and taking a minute to pause and think about the number of hobbies, activities, and everyday tasks we can do better — thanks to readers. Here’s a list of some of our favorite uses for reading glasses.

1. Last-minute sewing repairs

It seems like it’s always when you’re running out the door that your button pops or you find that your pant seam has ripped. Having a pair of readers hand for last-minute sewing touch-ups is a total lifesaver. Now, if you could only remember where you put that extra button…

2. Ordering at a restaurant

While we love the ambiance, sometimes there is nothing worse than trying to read a menu in a dimly lit restaurant. Throw an extra pair of readers in your pocket or in your purse, and you’ll be all set when you head out for a classy, evening dinner.

3. Reading a map

Road trips are great. Getting lost on road trips? Not so much. Having readers on hand to scope out an actual map when your GPS fails you could be key to getting to your destination. Plus, then you’ll get to show your grandkids what a real map looks like.

4. Watching a movie

Enjoy a new release in the theatre or an old classic at home, but either way, have your readers ready at an arm’s length. Especially if there are subtitles, you’ll be glad you have a little extra magnification to get lost in a great story.

5. Grocery shopping

Nothing is worse than heading out for a quick grocery run, only to realize that you forgot your readers. Squinting at labels and price tags slow you down, a handy pair of reading glasses can help you get in and out of the supermarket fast.

6. Playing Words With Friends

You’ll crush your competition when you have the help of a trusty pair of readers. Whether you love Words With Friends, Candy Crush, or one of the other addicting game apps on your iPad, reading glasses (especially computer readers) can help you make the most of your downtime.

7. Cooking dinner

Do you love to cook? Hate to cook? Either way, reading glasses are your perfect companion in the kitchen. No more squinting at recipes, you’ll have dinner whipped up in no time and a table perfectly set when you have readers on your nose.

8. Traveling

Live the jet-set life more easily by always having a pair of readers (or two) in your carry-on. Checking the boards for your departure time, reading a magazine in the air, and checking your luggage are all instances in which reading glasses are super essential. Our folding readers are great travel companions — they virtually fit into any pocket, purse, or bag.

9. Staying in touch with friends

Whether you prefer email, or old-fashioned snail mail (our favorite!) reading glasses will help you stay in touch with friends, new and old. Even when you’re just texting, readers can help make sure you don’t make some major autocorrect typos.

10. And of course … reading!

We’d be silly not to include this one. Reading a book, outside or in, is much better with a pair of readers. Stylish, practical, or functional (we’re looking at you reading sunglasses), we know you wouldn’t dream of diving into your favorite novel or memoir without a pair of reading glasses on the side table.

What did we miss? Do you have other essential uses for your favorite reading glasses? Let us know in the comments!

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