Each year, 45% of Americans make resolutions — and only 8% of those people actually achieve them. Here at Readers.com, we’ve had our fair share of resolution setting (and failing miserably), too. That’s why we’ve asked a few of our favorite bloggers to dish on everything from their biggest resolution flops to maintaining and achieving their 2014 resolutions. Check back each month as ShelleyCrystalJudi, and Anne-Marie coach us through selecting, setting, and maintaining our goals in this three-part series. 

Now that you’ve learned how to set realistic resolutions, it’s time to start planning yours for 2014! Find out which resolutions Shelley of Forest City Fashionista, Crystal of Dressed Her Days Vintage, Judi of A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50, and Anne-Marie of The Succulent Wife have in mind for the coming year, and grab a few ideas for 2014, too!

Is there anything you make a conscious effort to do year after year (resolution or not)?

Shelley: Each year, I try to be more conscious of how I spend my money — especially when it comes to my wardrobe — and to not use my credit card for clothing purchases. I have also made a personal resolution to do more things that make me happy, such as visit my friends in other cities more often, wear outfits that I love (regardless of whether anyone else does), and go to the gym at least two or three times each week. None of these things require enormous effort, but they are things that I have to keep reminding myself to do.

Crystal: There’s something about simplicity that always calls to me. I think it’s a symptom of how cluttered my life is.

Judi: I always say I am going to get more sleep. It’s a hard thing to achieve when there is so much on my bucket list for the second half of my life, and the years seem to speed by faster and faster.

Anne-Marie: I have made no resolutions in the last five years or so. Getting rid of the extra holiday weight is always a “project” in the new year, but I have stopped making it a resolution. Things like organizing my photo albums (all 20 years of them now), stop eating carbs, or exercising six days a week are the types of resolutions certain to cause defeat.

What’s your biggest resolution for 2014 and why? Is this a life change, small change, year-long, or short-term achievement?

Shelley: I had no plans to make any new resolutions for 2014, but I just keep trying to be mindful of the ones that are ongoing. Things like trying to eat less sugar and fat have been on my mind more in the last couple of years, as are ones related to physical fitness. I also moved to a smaller apartment two years ago, so I am constantly aware of the need to reduce the amount of stuff I own and reduce the clutter that seems to cover most of the flat surfaces.

Crystal: My big objective in 2014 is to sort out what’s most important to me. I’ve always been a Renaissance girl with lots of interests. But I’m starting to see how I’ve sacrificed mastery in some areas because my efforts are so scattered, and I’m trying to do too much. I can’t change the makeup of my personality, but I would like to slowly make an effort to become more focused and prioritize what things I give the most time.

Judi: As I mentioned, I plan to set intentions for 2014. My intentions are to practice gratitude, to be happy and thankful for my family and friends, for my comfortable home, and for my physical health. I only have one body, so I want to keep it moving.

Anne-Marie: My wish for 2014 is to continue leading a healthy lifestyle practice which would include continued yoga practice several times a week, eating clean foods, spending more time with loved ones, and drinking just a wee bit less wine!

Thank you to our panel for dishing on their 2014 resolutions! Do you have any you set year after year or that you’re really focusing on next year? Let us know on Facebook!