Computer Readers 2

We rarely look anywhere that there isn’t a screen glaring back at us. According to the Vision Council more than two thirds of us suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS.) Staring at screens for any length of time can cause fatigue, headaches, dry or red eyes, blurred vision, and even eye twitches. All of these symptoms are associated with CVS. Because screens are here to stay, it is important to look out for your overworked eyes. One way to alleviate your eyes and lessen the effects of CVS is to consider a pair of computer reading glasses. Computer readers are designed to optimize your eyesight when you’re looking at digital screens. Here are just a few reasons computer reading glasses are effective:


1. Reducing glare

We’ve all experienced the point in our day when our eyes begin to feel strained and our vision begins to blur. These obstacles make focusing on your work nearly impossible. Computer reading glasses feature a special coating and yellow/melanin tints designed to keep fatiguing screen glare at a minimum.

2. Keeping you focused

A good pair of computer reading glasses can help keep you focused in the zone. When shopping for your computer power you must remember that as long as your device is over 18 inches away you’ll want to shop for half of the power  of what you need for your reading glasses, since your computer screen is typically farther than a book would be. For dual powered computer readers you would still shop by your reading magnification because they automatically adjust for your computer strength.  

3. Perfecting your posture

It is common to catch ourselves leaning forward in our chairs to try to compensate for less than perfect mid-range vision. This type of poor posture leads to neck pain and also makes for an uncomfortable day. If this sounds familiar, a pair of computer readers may definitely be worth a try.   

4. Getting the most out of your glasses

Do you wear one pair of reading glasses everyday for work, reading, and hobbies? You might find that these “trusty” glasses that you’ve relied on for so long are not great for long term computer use. If you find your eyes more fatigued than usual and you are experiencing neck or back pain, a pair of computer readers that you keep at the office or on your coffee table may be just the solution.