If you pay attention to celebrity gossip, you know that marriage in the industry is measured in dog years. In other words, unless you reach veteran status (like Brad and Angelina), you gain at least three years for every one. But not everyone struggles. Example? Alicia Keys!

“[Marriage is] so fly,” she says to People. “There’s something great about feeling at peace and ease with your partner and knowing you understand each other. I really enjoy that friendship.”

Alicia and her husband producer Swizz Beats just celebrated their one-year anniversary on July 31.

Alicia, who calls Swizz her “equal,” hints having a partner who understands you helps. And honesty.

She says, “I can say, ‘I’m not sure about this look for the BET Awards. What do you think?’ and I know that he will honestly tell me exactly what’s up.”

These communication skills will come in handy as they raise their son Egypt, who was born last fall.

As for Alicia’s career, “People” reports she just re-released her debut album “Songs in A Minor” and kjrh.com says she will be producing a Broadway play! “Stick Fly,” written by Lydia R. Diamond, “revolves around an African-American family at their vacation home in the picturesque retreat of Martha’s vineyard.”

In a blog post on her website, Alicia calls the play a “rare piece of art” and says producing it will be a “dream come true.”

Here is a candid photo of Alicia and her hubby.

Alicia Keys glasses

Though both of them are looking pretty snazzy, we especially appreciate Alicia’s reading glasses! Want to look fly and funky fresh just like her? Check out our version of her retro square glasses today.

retro square reading glasses

photo credit: Billboard.com, honeygerman.com, People.com