Bet you didn’t think Charlie Sheen would be killed off “Two and a Half Men.” I also bet you didn’t think Ashton Kutcher, the former “That 70’s Show” star, would be the highest paid TV actor, a title Charlie Sheen used to hold.  Ashton gets $700,000 per episode!

According to E! Online, the new season will supposedly begin with Charlie Harper’s funeral. His house will be up for sale and Ashton will be a potential buyer. CBS President Nina Tassler told E! “I know that’s out there, but I’m not going to confirm or deny that. The mystery is a part of the marketing.” The premiere date is Sept. 19, so we’ll find out more then. Kutcher will be playing the role of a heart broken Internet billionaire named Walden Schmidt.

Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men

I’m sure Charlie didn’t really try to get himself killed off. He claims that Ashton Kutcher saved his career by taking on the new role. Charlie told TMZ, “I have always been told that I have nine lives, so it is going to be amazing to witness my own funeral, which is clearly a win/win situation because Ashton has just given me a 10th (life).” Typical Charlie.

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Ashton Kutcher glasses

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Photo Credit: E! Online, Huffington Post, and Stylish Wish List