With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we can’t help but get a little nostalgic. Adding to the fuel? The resurgence of retro style readers! When we look at popular styles such as The Brit, what we really see is our moms circa 1960. From cat eyes to funky frames, this Mother’s Day we’re remembering our moms and their style through the decades.

What Mom wore when…

…you were born.

If you were born in the late 50’s or early 60’s, chances are good that your mom was flaunting some tasteful cat eyes. Take one look at The Venus and we can almost guarantee you’ll be feeling that early childhood nostalgia.



The Venus

What Mom wore when…

…you went on your first date.

As you got older, you may have seen your mom swap in the cat eyes for a more oval shape. A popular style in the early 70’s, The Pandora reminds us of what moms wore around the time of our first (and probably incredibly awkward!) dating experiences. Groovy.


pandora readers

The Pandora

What Mom wore when…

…you graduated high school.

As the 70’s progressed, people really embraced the funk. Mom was probably wearing a similar style as before, except this time she made sure to add the bling. If you like rhinestone accents (we sure do!), then you’ll love The Angie.

cat eye readers the angie

The Angie

What Mom wore when…

…you got hitched.

Assuming you walked down the aisle in the 80’s, these big, bold, plastic frames may just be what your mom wore to the wedding! Try our Trudy Bifocal Sun Readers for a similar frame shape.

bifocal sun reader

The Trudy Bifocal Sun Reader

This Mother’s Day, we fondly remember our moms and everything that they’ve taught us. And while we’re happy that styles such as cat eyes and browline glasses are making a comeback, we also love the memories and history that these iconic shapes carry with them. Cheers to our moms, and remember — what styles you wear now are what your children (and grandchildren) will be remembering in the future!