Having plants in the house is a great way to spruce up your space and bring an airy feel into your home. However, having fresh flowers with short life spans or plants that require daily watering can be hard to keep up with. A popular and attractive way to get the fresh look you love from live plants, without the tedious upkeep, is to decorate with succulents and cacti. Not only do succulents add a touch of tropical greenery to your space, they are also extremely sustainable and low maintenance as they only require watering one or two times a month.

We’ve seen succulents grow in popularity recently and are loving the unique ways people are incorporating them into their home interior. So, we’re bringing you some of our favorite ways people are decorating with succulents to inspire your own home decor.


Living Wreath

Living Wreath

Holiday wreaths are always lovely, but having a wreath that can be on display for the majority of the year is hard to beat. This living wreath made from succulents is a beautiful and inexpensive way to create a statement piece that will liven up any room. You can learn how to make this wreath and how to keep it alive here.




Terrariums were common decoration pieces in the 1970’s and have began to resurface in popularity in a modern way. You can purchase various geometric shapes and find them in different colors such as brass finishes, matte blacks, and silver. These terrariums make for the perfect succulent containers and add an eye catching element to whichever space you choose to add them to.



Center Pieces

Succulents make beautiful centerpieces on their own and can also be added to an existing centerpiece to give it just the extra pop of color and texture that it needed.


Classic White

Classic white

We all tend to acquire a collection of classic white dishes and pottery over the years. Using some of those classic pieces you’ve collected as succulent planters is a great way to display your dishes in a unique and fresh way.


Window Boxes

window boxes

Making your own cacti and succulent arrangement is a great way to revamp your window flower boxes. You can get creative with various colors and textures and really give it your own flair.

Do you have other ways you like to decorate with succulents? Let us know in the comments!