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Finding the right style or type of readers can sometimes be a challenge. We’re here to simplify your search and make shopping for the perfect pair an enjoyable (and easy!) experience. Our guide will teach you everything you need to know about our frames — and why they might just be the best ones for you!

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Reading Glasses Frame Guide


Bifocal Glasses

Bifocal Readers

A type of eyeglasses that corrects both near and farsighted vision. The top portion of the lens is designed for long-distance viewing (like watching television) and the bottom portion is designed for close-up viewing (like reading a book). If you’re looking for a fix-all solution to your vision needs, bifocals may be the perfect readers for you.

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Full Frames

Full Frame Readers

The most common type of eyeglasses. Full frame readers are available in a wide variety of powers, colors, widths, designs, and lens shapes so you can add some style to your specs.



Half Frame Reading Glasses

Half Frame Readers

Half frame reading glasses improve nearsighted vision while leaving your distance view unobstructed. This lightweight option is perfect for those who only need corrective lenses for up-close viewing.

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Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses

Computer glasses help optimize your eyesight when viewing your computer screen. If you spend long hours looking at a computer, chances are your eyes are bearing some of the negative side effects. Wearing computer glasses can help reduce headaches, blurred vision, eyestrain, and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome. (Learn more about their benefits here!) Computer glasses are available in anti-glare, tinted, bifocal, no-line, multi-view, and full lens styles.




Rimless Readers

Rimless glasses are light and minimal. These readers will provide the magnification you need, while leaving your line of vision unobstructed by frames. If you want a barely-there feel in your glasses, check out our variety of rimless styles.

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Shop Sun Readers

Sun Readers

Reading sunglasses provide both magnification and UV protection for your eyes. These readers are perfect for outdoor activities like fishing, gardening, or just relaxing with a book in the sun. (Learn more about their benefits here!) In addition to traditional styles, sun readers are also available with bifocal and polarized lens options.



Fit Over Sunglasses

Fit Over Sunglasses

These sunglasses fit over your regular prescription glasses or reading glasses to help protect your eyes from sun damage. A budget-friendly alternative to prescription sunglasses, these fit overs are a great option if you spend lots of time outside!

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Folding Readers

Folding Readers

A perfect on-the-go option, folding readers are compact enough to fit in your pocket or purse. If you’re a frequent traveler, our folding reading glasses should be at the top of your packing list!

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Flexible Readers

Flexible Readers

These durable readers are made of a tough but pliable plastic, allowing them to withstand more bending and twisting (and sitting on!) than normal readers. Flexible reading glasses are great for those who show their frames a little more love.



Optical Quality Readers

Optical Quality Frames

All of our optical quality readers are designed to be worn like everyday readers. However, if you have specific prescription needs, the existing lenses are made to easily pop out of the frame and replace with custom lenses from your eye doctor. If you opt to replace with a special prescription, make sure to always have an eyeglass professional assist with switching out your lenses.




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