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Before children, Tamera Beardsley owned a successful fashion accessories company that was featured in top fashion magazines such as Italian Moda and Women’s Wear Daily (WWD). After the birth of her third child, Tamera realized she could no longer dedicate the amount of time needed to maintain her business while raising three children under the age of four. She made the difficult decision to shutter her business.

Tamera Beardsley

 Tamera’s sporting The Iris Reading Sunglasses above! 

Nearly 16 years later, Tamera’s once full, busy nest emptied out, and she found herself feeling lost and broken-hearted. As a cathartic way to rediscover her own interests, Tamera began blogging. Now, after two years of blogging, Tamera has found her way back into a career owning a jewelry business. Read our interview with Tamera for inspiration on life, personal style, and well-being!

What does a typical day look like for you, and how has that changed since you’ve transitioned from being a full-time mom? 

Tamera: My typical day begins with coffee and candles before sunrise. This has always been my perfect time for reflection and planning for the day ahead. Next, I answer emails and then work on my blog. Since this often takes several hours, I usually can’t wait to go out and do something physical like hike, mountain bike, surf, yoga, hit the gym, or even take a walk. For me, being active is an important aspect of feeling my best. Since transitioning from full-time motherhood, I have been working on finding a new daily rhythm — now that my time is my own, for the most part. While I’m out I run errands, then return home to work on some projects. I have dinner and then after, I try to get a little more time in the studio.

Interview with Jewelry-Lover Tamera Beardsley!

Can you give our readers a little more information about your jewelry business? Was the transition back into the business world after a 16-year break a difficult one for you?

Tamera: After shuttering a successful fashion accessory business almost 18 years ago to raise my three children, transitioning back into the business world has definitely been a journey — mainly because the journey ended up being different from what I expected.  I thought, after kids, I would jump right back into the shoes I left in the business world and hit the ground running, only to realize when I got there that was a life I no longer wanted. During my time away from the business world, I have learned I am far more interested in a well-rounded, creative, and beautiful life than the “business success” I was seeking in the ’90s. Today, I am even more confident in my designing abilities, but now I am trying to construct a life with more soul. Transitioning back into the business world is still a plan in progress.

What advice would you give other women who are transitioning outside of the realm of motherhood into an empty nesting role, who may be feeling lost and broken-hearted, too?

Tamera: After 18 years of being a full-time mother, transitioning out of that role hit me harder than I ever expected. After years of thinking I would just return to my business when the time came, I was cut to my knees in feelings of loss and grief as first my daughter left for college, and then my oldest son’s departure. I hadn’t prepared myself for my next phase. The advice I would give any mother transitioning to an empty nest: give yourself compassion and grace. Learn to nurture and invest in yourself and give yourself time to discover and grow into your next chapter. It doesn’t happen overnight. Patience and self-kindness make for comforting traveling partners on your new journey.

Tamera Beardsley

She styled our Architect readers to perfection.

What first inspired you to start blogging, and how has blogging about your journey and interests — such as style and accessories — helped you cope with your transition over the years?

Tamera: I started blogging because I was lost. I didn’t know who I was outside of being a wife and mother. As a designer, while I raised my family, I was still constantly doing projects and pursuing a beautiful life. So when I began my blog, my intention was to share projects and party and wardrobe ideas. But it soon turned into an online journal for me, as I worked through my life transitions. I began through writing, reflecting on who I was and who I wanted to be, giving myself time and self-compassion to work through my heartbreak. I began to develop a vision of how I wanted my next chapter to go. I was able to rediscover my own passions, especially when it came to personal style. Through blogging, I was able to realize I wanted to make my life my art, one day at a time. I wanted to invest in living a beautiful life and hopefully inspire others to find their own joy in personal style.

What have you discovered as your must-have closet staples? What pieces do you think no woman should be without?

Tamera: As a big proponent of personal style, I think every woman should have “comforting pieces” in her closet. I am not talking about just comfortable clothing, but rather, clothing pieces that can provide comfort in a situation — whether the situation calls for the confidence-building armor of a perfect jacket or the cozy enveloping drape and texture of a cashmere robe to sink into. Life is fraught with challenges and “comforting clothing” can be part of a lovely supporting cast.

On a pragmatic dressing level, I spend much time in a daily uniform of jeans and a tunic, to which I can easily add accessories at a moment’s notice and show up anywhere looking stylish and polished.

Tamera Beardsley

We love these aviators on her, too!

We have to ask, what are your favorite readers from Readers.com?

Tamera: I am quite smitten with several of Readers.com glasses, as they too are a perfect way to add functional style panache in a flash! Right now, my favorites include The Dean in black, The Architect in tortoise, and The Iris Reading Sunglasses in black. I am so excited about adding these glasses to my collection. I spent this weekend rearranging my closet, so I can now see my entire collection of glasses in one place, which makes choosing a pair of readers or sunglasses to complement my outfit of the day a piece of cake! Being able to see clearly and being organized are certainly two building blocks in living a beautiful life!

You can visit and read Tamera’s blog hereTamera, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! We enjoyed getting to know you better, and we think you make our reading glasses look magnificent!