Everyone has a favorite music artist. You might love the music of Beyonce or Radiohead, but do you ever stop to wonder if they have favorite artists? Believe it or not, all music artists will always name one, if not a few, influential musical icons that have shaped their careers and helped them become who they are today. Music is an art and (like all art forms) it’s built on the influences of others.

We looked at five of Billboard’s Top 100 Artists to determine who influenced who in the music world. The artists, Garth Brooks, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, offer a wide snapshot of the music scene. After looking at every Wikipedia article they were mentioned in, what we found was a wide array of connections and relationships spanning the ages.

This web is comprised of everything that Wikipedia tells us about these artistic collaborations, giving you a closer look at the way the music world is connected. Each circle was then ranked based on the amount of connections they had on their page. So, the larger the circle, the more other Wikipedia articles linked to them (and the more popular the artist.)

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