Today’s topic? These snazzy frames:

We have many different kinds of reading glasses here at Reading Glasses Shopper – colorful ones, patterned ones, simple ones, large ones, small ones, and ones bedazzled with rhinestones. Each has its own attractions; sometimes, though, there are glasses that catch your eye immediately and stand out from all the rest. Out of all this week’s new arrivals, The Animal Bifocal Sun Reader jumped out to me. Here’s why!

1) The shape. A curious combination of square and oval, these frames have angles that make a statement. They make me think of modern design.

2) The name. Who wouldn’t want glasses called The Animal? The name suggests energy, sass, and personality.

3) The frame choices. Fittingly, The Animal comes in several animal-print options: tortoise, cheetah, leopard, and zebra. All are their own look, perfect for different moods and styles. Feeling more subtle? Try the tortoise or cheetah. Feeling wild? I’d go with leopard or zebra.

4) The function. The most important aspect of these glasses, of course, is the fact that they’re bifocal reading sunglasses. They’re perfect for the summer season, keeping you in style while allowing you to see both near and far without the hassle of switching between reading glasses and sunglasses.

All-in-all, I’d have to say these glasses are an excellent combination of fashion and function. Plus, there’s the price: $15.26. Can’t beat that!