Are you having a difficult time choosing reading glasses for a loved one or for yourself? To help you out, we asked three customers to each choose a few pairs of readers from that they would like to receive for the holidays.

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Check out each of their profiles, hobbies, and glasses picks. Who knows, you may find one of their choices is perfect for you, too!


Meet Jim: Jim is an airline pilot who, in his spare time,  spends a lot of hours in his workshop building model airplanes and working on home projects. He’s also an avid reader, runner, likes to cook, and enjoys working outside on the yard.

glasses as gifts for the holidays

Jim’s top three reading glasses picks:

  1. Norwalk Bifocal Reading Sunglasses — “I have to wear sunglasses when I’m in the cockpit flying. I have no problem seeing things in the distance, but I have a hard time reading the fine print on charts with sunglasses on. These bifocal sunglasses would protect my eyes while still allowing me to read up-close charts and checklists.”
  2. The Magnum Readers — “I would use these for reading, computer work, and hobbies. I like the conservative look and that they’re lightweight.”
  3. Bifocal Safety Glasses — “I would primarily use these for hobbies. I need safety glasses for operating power tools (saw, drills, sanders, bench grinder, etc.), and the bifocal portion of the glasses would help with up-close work on these tools.”


Meet Susie: Susie uses reading glasses for everything from attending work meetings to browsing restaurant menus. She also enjoys reading to her triplet granddaughters. She says, “I can’t be without my readers, so I like to keep a pair stashed everywhere, including a few in my purse.”

glasses as holiday giftsglasses as holiday giftsglasses as holiday gifts

Susie’s top three reading glasses picks:

  1. The Genevieve — “I love the red frames and silver sparkle for Christmas, of course.”
  2. The Waikiki Bi-Focal — “Just putting these on would take me to the Hawaiian sunsets!”
  3. The Tracey — “These are fun and colorful, and I like that they come with a case.”


Meet Marcy: Marcy uses reading glasses for a little bit of everything, including for work, reading, and working on the computer.

glasses as holiday giftsglasses as holiday giftsglasses as holiday gifts

Marcie’s top three reading glasses picks:

  1. The Paulina — “I like the cat eye style. And the rhinestones are so fun!”
  2. The Drama Bifocal Reading Sunglasses — “I love the idea of a sun reader. It’s so convenient that you don’t have to take these off when you look up.”
  3. The Matilda — “These are a very smart-looking style.”


Still having a hard time choosing that perfect pair? Tell us how you use your reading glasses, and we’ll point you in the right direction!

Disclaimer: All references to “bifocals” herein refer to readers having unmagnified lenses containing a “bifocal style” single powered reading glass insert located in the lower portion of the lenses.