While you may not consider yourself a full blown fashionista, it’s likely that you’re still trending without actually thinking about it. When it comes to trends, we typically only think of clothing, but they can carry over to accessories as well — and even eyewear! Pulling in specifics of a trend such as color, shape, and even prints and patterns can be just what you need to achieve a fresh look. Come on trendy lady, have a look and you’ll see what we mean:

Luxe & Ladylike

Fall & Winter Trend - Luxe and Ladylike

Oh, how we love vintage inspirations! When choosing readers within this trend, cat eye frames are an obvious must! Jewel tones, polka dots, and tweed-printed frames also have the 1940s vibe that this trend embodies. The Marissa comes in deep jewel tones, The June offers a smaller frame size, and The Kayla pulls in those retro polka dots!

Tough Chic

Fall & Winter Trend - Tough Chic

Have a tough side, do we? You don’t have to take a walk on the wild side to pull in aspects of the rebel trend. Reading glasses in black and red are obvious choices, while exaggerated cat eye frames and metallic embellishments give a subtle edge that is appropriate at any age. The Mirage offers a rockin’ studded structure, while The Aloha mixes bold colors and The Angelica brings edgy animal print.

Classy Collegiate

Fall & Winter Trend - Classy Collegiate

While the tough trend features a more modern appeal, this style is as classic as it gets with preppy, co-ed inspired looks. Oversized nerd frames, classic metal frames, and plaid printed frames are just what you need to be brought back to your school days. The Dean and The Prescott offer a typical academic style, while The Maryann pulls in a touch of plaid.

Menswear Inspired

Fall & Winter Trend - Menswear Inspired

No cat eyes here! Look for readers with futuristic aesthetics and masculine touches. Unique frame structures with angular lines, oversized lenses, quilted accents, and pops of bold color are in order for this trend. The Brianna offers a quilted texture at the temples, while The Madden and The Buchanon offer a thick, bold frame.

If you’re itching to find out more about your glasses style, be sure to check out our Spec Style Guide!