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Our Customer Stories series uncovers how some of our most loyal customers use readers to do what they love. From a textile artist to a car enthusiast, we look at what drives these people to fulfill their passions, and how they use readers to do it!


The Crafter

terri dunlap

Terri loves to create and show off her readers. Behind her crafting lies a story. Watch our video to discover why Terri started crafting and how she uses reading glasses to fulfill her passion.


The Miniature Maker

peggy latta

It's all in the details. Meet Peggy, a textile expert who specializes in heirloom textile art. Intrigued? So were we. Watch our video to see how Peggy uses reading glasses to deftly recreate wedding dresses on a much smaller, intricate scale.


The Quilter

debbie andry

Debbie's quilts are big, but she has to focus on the small details to make them beautiful. Learn more about Debbie's story and watch how she uses reading glasses to create complex masterpieces.


The Mechanic

joe mulinaro

Joe learned about cars at a young age. Whether he's working on the engine or detailing the exterior, Joe uses his readers to focus on the details. Discover more about his story by watching our video.


The Gardener

mary martin

For Mary, perennials are more than just a type of flower, they're a connection to a loved one. Watch our Customer Story to uncover more about Mary's story, her perennial flowers, and how she uses reading sunglasses in the garden!


The Makeup Artist

brenda sotolongo

From television talent to bridal parties, Brenda has been working as a makeup artist for over 30 years. But it's not just about the makeup. Watch our video to learn more about Brenda's passion, how she uses readers, and the relationships she makes along the way.


The Artist

ryan "sketch" martin

A tattoo is a lifetime investment. So when Sketch is working, he wears his readers to make sure every line and shadow is perfect. Watch Sketches story and see an artist at work!


The Historian

mark alan smith

Meet Mark Alan Smith, our next Readers.com Customer Story. Mark is passionate about his heritage and the county where he grew up. We're happy that our reading glasses enable him to keep Carroll County's history intact and help others learn about their hometown.