Stick-On Magnifying Lenses


Stick-On Magnifying Lenses

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Bifocal Reading Glasses



These OPTX 20/20 HydroTac Stick-On Magnifying Lenses can be used on your favorite pair of sunglasses or safety glasses to easily convert them into magnified readers.

They are easy to stick on and remove with water and can be reused if desired. You can position them anywhere on the lens and can be attached on the inside or outside of the lens. Available in +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.50 and +3.00.

Size: 1.2" diameter.
One pair per package.

Application Instructions:
1. Clean glasses with warm water and add a liberal amount of warm water to the inside wells.

2. Place each lens curved side down and position in the lower inside portion of the glasses approximately 2.5 inches apart.

3. Pat dry with a lint-free towel and set glasses aside to dry completely (approximately 12 hours).

Note: Do not use water or lens cleaner on lenses after application.


  • Flat Top Bifocal Lenses

Disclaimer: All references to "bifocals" herein refer to readers having unmagnified lenses containing a "bifocal style" single powered reading glass insert located on the lower portion of the lenses.

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