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Tinted Blue Light Glasses

If spending hours on the computer under the bright office lights has left your eyes feeling strained, it might be time to try our tinted computer glasses. Adding a light tint to computer glasses reduces glare caused by harsh overhead lighting and enhances contrast. This way, your eyes don't need to work as hard to view images or read!
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Tinted Blue Light Reading Glasses

Are you struggling with eye strain due to extended digital screen use? Our tinted computer glasses may help by reducing glare, reflections, and overall brightness while also enhancing contrast.

  • Shop our catalog of blue light reading glasses, also called computer reading glasses, for additional solutions to meet your digital lifestyle needs.
  • Learn more about blue light glasses and digital eye strain.
  • *Lenses do not block all blue light. Lenses help reduce the amount of potentially harmful blue light transmitted through the lens and varies between lens types. Harmful blue light refers to the 415-455 nanometer range of the visible light spectrum.