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Readers.com Wholesale is a leading supplier of wholesale reading glasses at discount prices. We offer a wide selection of over 700 styles of bulk readers sold by the unit or by dozen. Styles include bifocals, reading sunglasses, fashion styles, half frame readers, and computer readers. For immediate inquiries or to discuss your large volume needs please call 1-800-259-8487 or email wholesale@readers.com.

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Note: Items purchased from Readers.com® under the Wholesale Reading Glasses program may not be resold in any online marketplace in the absence of a written agreement. Please contact our Customer Happiness team for further clarification.

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Readers.com has over 10 years experience and offers a wide selection of wholesale readers in a variety of colors and powers from +1.00 to +7.00. We are a leading reading glasses supplier, based in Greenwood, IN. Our collection includes men's readers, women's readers, unisex styles, reading sunglasses, high powered readers, computer readers, and more. Our commitment to providing the best quality, stylish readers at competitive prices ensures you will find a great assortment to fit your needs.

Join our growing list of successful retailers carrying our products including optical shops, gift stores, boutiques, bookstores, and online retailers. Create an account or contact us today to discuss your wholesale reading glasses needs. We have an amazing Customer Happiness team and account reps ready to help you with all things reading glasses!

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Speak with a Readers.com® wholesale expert at 1-800-259-8487, or email us at wholesale@readers.com

NOTE: You will need to provide a copy of your resale certificate for your order to be tax exempt. Certificates can be sent to wholesale@readers.com or fax to 1-317-883-6153.