10 signs you grew up in the 1950s

1. To change the channel on your family’s black and white TV, you had to get off the couch and turn the dial.

2. You played outside with your neighbors from sun up to sun down (and rode bikes everywhere!).

3. Everywhere you went, people were smoking — hospitals, airplanes, and especially restaurants.

4. Piling into the car to grab milkshakes and burgers (that only cost 5 cents) was a typical Sunday family outing.

5. Elvis Presley was always on your parent’s record player.

6. You got in trouble for getting your Silly Putty stuck in the carpet.

7. Your first date was at the drive-in.

8. Your parents had weekly bridge parties.

9. You looked forward to the nights your mom didn’t cook so you could enjoy a TV Dinner.

10. The best Christmas gift you ever received was a Radio Flyer snow sled.