What exactly are makeup reading glasses and how do you use them? In this post we’ll show you exactly how to use them and help you understand the types of makeup readers available.

Makeup readers serve many purposes. They are great for fine print, browsing the web, cooking new recipes, and completing daily tasks.

However, when it comes to applying makeup, many women would say they rely on magnified vanity mirrors versus reading glasses. This is understandable since standard reading glasses can get in the way.

While vanity mirrors are a great option for applying makeup at home, what about when you’re traveling or at the office? We suggest opting for a pair of makeup reading glasses. Yes, you read that right, glasses specifically designed for applying makeup!

How to Use Makeup Readers

When shopping for makeup reading glasses you will come across a few different designs. A common design for a pair of makeup readers is a frame with a swiveling lens allowing you to see clearly while you apply your makeup. When using this design simply swivel the lens to the eye you are not working on while you apply makeup to the opposite eye.

Like traditional reading glasses, makeup readers are designed to fit your lifestyle and eliminate struggle. So as you begin your search for the perfect pair of makeup readers it is important to find frames that you are comfortable using.

Types of Makeup Reading Glasses

The Carrie Makeup Reader

The Carrie Makeup Reader is designed to allow you to use your reading magnification while simultaneously applying makeup in a mirror. Simply switch the swiveling lens when you need to do the other eye! The lens is fully magnified in powers up to +3.00.

The Kellyn Makeup Reader

The Kellyn Makeup Reader features a swivel lens that allows you to apply makeup to one eye while seeing with clear vision from the other eye! Available in powers +1.00 to +3.50* and three tortoise colors.


Makeup readers will enhance your beauty routine in no time! You may even find yourself storing multiple pairs around your house, office, purse, and car. No judgment here! Use our helpful guide on wearing makeup with glasses for more expert tips.

Determining Your Power for a Makeup Reader

The standard reading distance is 12-18 inches. With this in mind, you should consider how close you typically stand to the mirror when applying your makeup. The further away you stand from the mirror the lower your power should be, and the closer you stand to the mirror the higher your power should be.

Never bought reading glasses before? No problem! You can easily find your reading glasses power by using our free Power Finder tool.

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