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Online Reading Games For Kids

Reading is essential to the development of children. It’s important that children’s reading comprehension skills improve as they grow. If children are struggling, it’s essential for parents to be aware and know strategies that will help. According to research, 90 % or more of children can learn to read at grade level if parents and educators properly intervene. There are many ways parents can help children read and improve reading skills such as:

1. Read to and with children.
2. Teach the alphabet and the sounds of letters
3. Balance learning with fun.
4. Label things in the house
5. Consult a reading specialist if needed.
6. Rhyme and sing songs focusing on the sounds of the word.
7. Build a vocabulary by having a conversation.
8. Ask questions about stories read by or for the child. This is valuable for reading comprehension.

No matter how you choose to teach a child to read make it fun and enjoyable. No child wants to do someathing boring. Using online games broadens a reading curriculum and makes learning fun. Online reading games will keep children interested and excited about learning. By combining education with fun kids will ask you when is reading time. There’s no guessing involved when finding credible and age appropriated online reading games with these kid friendly sites:

Games For Ages 3-6

  • PBS Kids: A comprehensive collection of readings games bound to get any child excited about reading.
  • Interactive Reading: 10 activities and games that get young children excited about reading.
  • Guided Reading: Interactive reading games of rhymes, high frequent words and letters.
  • Read with Phonics: Choose from activities based on your child’s reading level.
  • Bembo’s Zoo: An interactivity activity that teaches the alphabet and sounds using letterforms, animals and punctuations.
  • Sesame Street: This popular kid show has reading games that get the grouch out of anyone.
  • Language for Literacy: Kids pick a character and learn about letters and rhyming.
  • Fun Factory: It’s a wild ride with the hog to pick letters to spell the proper word.
  • Suessville: This popular of series of book puts Dr. Seuss in a town of reading fun.
  • Work it Out: This game of hidden words gets the brain to work it out.

Games For Ages 6-10

  • Sight Words: The Mansfield/ Richland County Library provides over 10 reading games.
  • Game Station: Children can choose from a collection of games that make reading and writing fun.
  • Professor Garfield: Several goofy games to get children excited about reading.
  • School Radio: A collection of audio resources that is centered on using the imagination to help children reading.
  • Storyline: Streaming video of members of the Screen Actors guild Foundation reading children’s books.
  • Word Mover: Move words around to create wacky and fun sentences.
  • Web Tales: Kids can create their own wacky tales by imputing phrases.
  • Toon University: A reading comprehension games that’s a brainteaser.
  • Fun Brain Reading: A collection of fun, silly and educational games.

Games for Ages 10 And Up

  • Scribble: A game of online scribble.
  • Story Starter: Its more than a game it’s your story. It’s a fun way to create a play, novel or script.
  • My Hero: My Hero program is an opportunity for students to read and write about heroes.
  • Fridge Magnet: A fridge scrabble magnet game of poetry and poems.
  • Reading Activities: Choose from over 1,125 reading games.
  • Race to Ramses: A game where kids can be an archaeologist and unlock the tomb of Ramses.
  • Comprehend This: A comprehension activity using the story Nasreddin and the Pot.
  • Cause and Effect: A cause and effect activity where kids must use appropriate transitions.
  • Fifth Grade Activities: Internet reading activities.

Reading Sites For Parents

  • Reading Tips: A compilation of handouts and tips for parents of preschool to third grade age children.
  • Tips and Ideas: Two reading tips brochures in PDF format offered by the Colorado State Library for parent.
  • Strategies: A list of reading strategies.
  • Reading Strategies: A compilation of resources that offers strategic ways for parents to promote reading.
  • Building Skills: Help your child become a better reader with these tips.
  • Children of All Ages: The Florida Department of Education provides suggestions for parents on helping children build reading skills.
  • Parents of Preschoolers: A collection of reading supporting materials in 10 different languages.
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